Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Burma's new future bright stars


All commarades & friends;
Excellence sir;
I would like to present the article"- Burma's New Future Bright Stars" as the memo of 63rd,Anniversity of Burma's independence Day under the following;

Our national people's leaders-General Aung Sann and mysters could get our Burma's independence on Jan,4th,1948 on our national people's treatty of Pinlone Conference on Feb,12th,1947 and they are Thakhin Aung Sann(Ko Aung Sann),Thakhin Mya,U Ba Win(the eldest brother of General Aung Sann),Dedoke-U Ba Cho,MarnBa Khine(Karen),U Razatt( Indian-Burman head master of National school,Mandalay,upper Bur),U Ohn Mg,Mineporn Saw Bwa-Sa san Htun(Shan) & Ko Htwae who were from our Burma's new bright generations of All Burma's national peoples.
They tried to get our Burma's Independence with leading of BIA,BDA,BDF,AFPLL,Pyithu Ayaetawpone organization,Communist Party(CPB),Socialist Party,Trade Unions, All Burma's Students' Union,University Students' Union,Doe Bama Asiayone and GCBA(Pe-Pu-Shein-Hlaing).
Our student's leaders were Ko Nu,Ko Aung Sann,Ko Raship(Indian-Burman),Ko Ba Hein,Ko Hla Pe(Bo Let Yar,a member of 30.commarades),Ko Hla Mg(Bo Zay Ya, a member of 30-commarades),Arnarshin-Ko Hla Shwe,Ko Ba Swe,Ko Aung Kyaw,Ko Thet,Ko Hla,Ko Ba Swe Lay and others and then,Ko Tin Mg Oo(Chin national university Student's leader,hanged at Insein-prison),Ko Tin Aye Kyu(a)Ko Mhile(RIT-University student's leader in 1976),Khin Ma Ma(University student's leader in 1974),Min Ko Naing(University student's leader on 8/8/88),Ko Ko Gyi(88),Min Zay Yar(88),Tin Aye(88),Htay Kywe(88),Jimmy(a) Myo Min Yu(88),NiLar Thein(88),Mya Aye(88),Myo Yan Naung Thein(88) and extra and 90-generations,96-generations,9999-generations,07-generations, 08-generations and eatra & extra.
Especially! Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi with 8888-democratic movement became All Burma's national people's leader & Burma's global democratic leader too with global democratic leaders and she is trying to construct the real democratic union of Burma on second pinlone conference,related by first pinlone conference of her Pa Pa- national people's leader-General Aung Sann & others and so, her second pinlone conference will be sympathied by all Burma's national peoples( All Nationalities,Ethinics,classes & stratas).
Other woman's generations-Ni Lar Thein,Su Su Nawe,Zorapham,Wae Hnin Pwint Thone & others became the brave & bright woman-leaders on the historical steps of Daw Su and so,we shall have to acknowledge of her democratic endeavors and she were socalled by our democratic acivities as New Aung Sann Su Kyi.
But some personally attacked Wae Hnin Pwint Thone, daughter of Mya Aye,88-student's leader together with us at Insein-prison for many years as the supporter on Musilim gangs and we are very sorry on their wicket personal attacking and we could get our independence on All Burma's national people's solidarity on Jan,4th,1948 and now,we shall have to get our second Burma's independence on second pinlone conference(21st,pinlone conference) on All Burma's national people's democratic solidarity(All Burma's nations-Ethinics,classes & stratas) and so,we shall have to avoid the un-necessity- group-struggles, All Burma's national people's conflicts & religional conflicts.
In this way,we should welcome our Burma's new future bright stars on Democracy,Human rights,National reconcilation & modern developments for our mother country together with global democratic forces.
thanking you in anticipation;
best regards;


(U Thi Ha Tint Swe)
Patron for B.D.C,U.S.A.
P.P for 14.yrs(89 to 02).
G.S-1 for N.P.F(Reg No;120(88 to 89).
Vice chairman-2 for G.S.C(Rgn)(8888).

Myo Thein
Burma Democratic Concern (BDC)
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